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Want to learn more about yourself and help improve your health and lifestyle? The new Boditrax machine is now here and available to use for all members!

What is Boditrax? Boditrax technologies, is an innovative British company creating digital solutions for the health, fitness and wellness sectors. The machine itself sends 7, pain free, currents round your body measuring its composition which is made up of your muscle, water, fat and bone and from that we can look at it detail how to improve your training, diet and overall health. It is the 3rd most accurate way of measuring body composition in the world after, autopsy (which no one really wants) and an MRI scan which cost around £600 a scan and only available for medical purposes.

You may have heard whispers around the club recently, people talking about their metabolic or real age, a very interesting feature that the machine offers. After collating your data Boditrax anonymously compares you to your peer group and then can give you this value. Scary right? No of course not! When you get a subscription to the Boditrax you will have 3 sessions with a Personal Trainer where we will sit and explain the results to you and offer our advice on what to do next whatever the outcome. Finding out is half the battle won and we can help guide you the rest of the way.

Another very interesting feature Boditrax has is that it can measure your visceral fat, sometimes also known as active fat, which is located around your abdomen and organs. A high score is potentially harmful to your health but with our help we can give you some tips on how to reduce it to make a healthier you. Knowledge is power!

Unlike a set of bathroom scales this machine can show a break down of the muscle and fat in your body and where it is, looking at your arms, legs and trunk. It also has the ability to show the weight of your skeleton and your water percentage giving you a good idea of how hydrated you are showing both intra and extra cellular water levels and our P.T’s can explain the effects this can have on your body.

The great thing about Boditrax is that regardless of your experience or ability, consistent use can give you an insight into how well you’re doing in the gym, with classes or swimming and pin point what you need to do to improve or maintain a healthy happy lifestyle!

A Boditrax course will cost £35 for 3 consultations which must be used within 6 months. You can find out more by speaking to any of our gym team.


Boditrax at the Pavilion Club
Boditrax at the Pavilion Club