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Monday 15th: Disruption to gym between approx. 9am-2pm

  • Life Fitness X-Trainer, Octane Seated, Upright & Lateral X-Trainer to be removed from gym floor. 2 Wattbikes also to be removed, all indefinitely
  • All Bikes, & X-Trainers currently residing in the ‘main’ gym room will be moved into the end room with the Wattbikes
  • Some Treadmills will be manoeuvred to allow for some additional free weight matting to go down to extend free weights area
  • Smith machine & Squat rack will be moved out from the corner & the Bravo cable machine will be moved to the corner of the free weights area
  • 4S will cable in the wiring ready for gym computer to be moved to new standing welcome desk between the water fountain & the Treadmills
  • Treadmills will be reconnected once moved down the line to accommodate the extension of the free weights area

Wednesday 17th: Disruption to gym between approx. 2-6pm

  • Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Seated Row & Chest Press will be manoeuvred to new location in ‘main’ gym area, where bikes & Seated X-Trainers are currently situated.
  • Assisted Pull Up machine will be moved into the alcove where Leg Curl currently sits
  • 1 SkillMill will move to where Assisted Pull up machine currently sits, & a NEW Ski Erg will be installed next to this
  • 2 new single TRX will be installed separately within the gym to give additional access to these
  • An additional Kettlebell rack will be installed where the Leg Extension currently sits, giving additional access for more Kettlebell work (with more Kettlebells)

Monday 22nd onward:

  • A Landmine will be installed in the free weights area
  • A Battle rope will be installed in the functional area
  • New weights plates & Olympic bars will be installed in the free weights area to give additional access/variety
  • A Sled Track & Sled will be installed in front of the Leg Press-Seated Row machines (running in front of the current gym desk)

This is an approximation & may be subject to change. We will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimal & aim to maximise equipment/space availability as best we can. We appreciate the patience & co-operation while we make these changes & hope that you enjoy the ‘new look’ once completed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]