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Luke - Personal trainer

I have a passion for Sports and Fitness and I love to help people reach their personal goals; whether general fitness or sports specific, weight loss and nutrition or simply working towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Since gaining my degree in Sports Science and Psychology, I have added valuable experience as a Personal Trainer in various gyms and professional sports clubs. I also work with elite athletes who represent Premiership & Championship Rugby clubs, some of which who have played at an International level.

Whilst I relish working with elite athletes, the thing that gives me most pleasure is making a positive difference to someone's general wellbeing.

To make this happen I know that motivation is as important as expertise and I will always try to make my PT sessions fun as well as effective. The more you enjoy it the more likely you are to succeed!

I really enjoyed my Personal Training sessions with Luke. He planned each session very well to focus on agreed aspects of my fitness. Some of the sessions included boxing. I'd always wanted to try this - it was hard work, but great fun. My aims had been to improve my general fitness and flexibility, strengthen my back and acquire some new routines for the Gym. All of my aims were met. I would certainly recommend Luke as a personal trainer."

-Glynn Gardner-

Training with Luke was equal parts fun and exhausting! He took the time to ensure that he understood my goals and planned each of our sessions in detail. I felt completely comfortable asking questions or telling him if I was struggling with any of the exercises and he was consistently very knowledgeable about everything that we covered. He pushed me to work hard without being intimidating and made sure to take my injury into account at all times. I couldn't recommend Luke more."

-Faye Alzaim-

My wife bought me personal training sessions as a birthday "present" to get me back into the gym! Luke has been excellent, taking the time to understand what I want to get out of the training, and to develop a challenging and varied programme. At each session he has introduced new gym equipment and training exercises, and I am now re-invigorated to use the gym more frequently and to improve my overall fitness (in readiness for the ski slopes this winter). Sessions have focussed on developing my core, introducing the use of weights, and interval training. Luke's approach ensures that each session pushes me more, whilst keeping in mind my (relatively poor) level of fitness and what I want to achieve. I've found personal training with Luke enjoyable and definitely feel motivated to continue to use the gym. I signed up for more training sessions with Luke, and can highly recommend him. "

-Dave Perry-

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