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Michael Bayley

On our initial consultation, it was clear to see Mike had/has vast experience in the game of golf as well as a great understanding of the human body biomechanics involved in the golf swing. It was extremely insightful speaking to him about his knowledge of the sport and was certainly a challenge on my behalf to come up with a specific program to enable him to be in the best condition physically to complement his very high standard of golfing performance. After input from both client and trainer, we devised a plan of action we would carry out over the next 4 weeks to get him in prime condition.

The first point of call was the movement assessment, a series of 9 movement patterns which helps us discover any muscle weaknesses/inactivity, muscle tightness and muscle imbalances. From the assessment we were able to gather some key aspects to work on. One of the key purposes of the assessment is to really create a sense of body/muscle awareness for the client. In this case it really hit home for Mike some important physical attributes which became very apparent he was determined to improve upon. As a trainer it was very pleasing to see Mike pick things up so early on in the program and understand how strengthening these physical attributes would help improve performance.

The program was structured over 4 weeks involving 3 60min 1-2-1 sessions per week. The nature of these sessions was designed around the results of our movement assessment. They included a combination of mobility work, muscle strengthening/activation drills and flexibility. We really utilised all the equipment at our disposable, including; free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, exercise balls and a few resistance machines. Although we did use a lot of equipment, body weight exercises and drills made up a lot of the program too.

Mike is clearly very dedicated to his sport and that reflects in his low golf handicap but was evident in each and every session we did. It was great to see Mike’s journey and progression over the course of the sessions. I could seem him increasing the control he had over his body and the muscles he was using. The fluidity in his movements and the way he executed exercises and drills improved considerable enabling me to introduce more advanced and challenging exercises into his program as the weeks passed by.

Overall it was an absolute pleasure working with Mike and I was certainly pleased with the progression he made and of course very happy to hear that he felt the benefit in his golfing performance.

On completion of the 4 weeks, we devised a specific program for him to follow to both maintain and develop in terms of maximising his physical attributes specific to golf performance.

I can highly recommend a course of golf orientated training exercises devised and delivered by Joe Lawrence at the Pavilion Sports and Health Club in Molesey.

His knowledge of both golf and training for sport show a real insight into the required/preferred ways to extend range of movement and increase both power and control.

It is a logical process which finds a basis for an ideal programme for improvement based on capability.

I now have a schedule tailor made with all the best exercises for my particular needs in the future.

It may be demanding but it is extremely effective”. Michael Bayley, HCP 5.

Would you like to focus on & improve in your sport? Speak to our peronsl trainers who will be able to tailor a programme specifically for you.

Gym success stories
Gym success stories
Gym success stories
Gym success stories