Andrew Haskins

Experience:17+ Years


Phone:020 8979 2800

Andrew Haskins

Fitness Manager


I have worked in the Pavilion gym since 2004, and been Fitness Manager since 2009, overseeing the day-to-day running of the gym. During this time I have worked with a wide array of great characters, with their own unique situations. As a result of this I have progressed my skills, knowledge and experience along the way.

Having a background in County Rugby, Karate and Kickboxing, I have always had a keen interest in sport and exercise, so to work alongside others and help them to achieve their goals was a natural progression for me.

I have helped people achieve all sorts of goals through the years, from weight management, strength/conditioning to rehabilitation (i.e. hip and knee replacement), lifestyle and so on.

I strive to inject creativity, fun and variety into my sessions, while also ensuring an effective and progressive exercise routine. I love working with people, from all walks of life, and it has been a pleasure to help my clients on their journey to success.