Fitness Trainer


My passion for health and wellbeing was born through my personal fitness journey, which began in 2013 after my first child. Over the next 2 years I gradually lost 30kg and dropped 4 dress sizes. However, the biggest change I noticed in myself was not what I had lost, but the self confidence, motivation and fulfilment I gained through sports, fitness and good nutrition. I believed that if I could transform my life in this way, then anybody could. I took this opportunity to gain my level 3 personal training qualification with Premier, also graduating with qualifications in nutrition coaching, circuit training and kettlebell instructing.

My heart is at the centre of everything I do. I thrive on helping others achieve goals they never thought possible; to discover inner confidence and improve overall wellbeing through holistic training for both body and mind.

Success is not determined by achieving a goal, but by refining it over time and continuing to work towards something even better; let’s achieve the best possible version of you, together!